How it works

When you make a clients profile, you will be able to see all faces on our webpage. You can search within age and looks, but also certain skills. We have made a webpage with many details, which makes it easier for you to pinpoint exactly, what you are looking for.

The advantage by having a profile with Gizmo Cast, is that you can search for yourself, but you also have the possibility to ask us. You will be able to make one or several portfolios, and keep your favourites for the jobs. We are always ready to advise you about our faces, as we have met them.

Create an account and start your search for the right face or actor. You can search within looks, skills, age, etc. - there are many possibilities.

There are no costs in creating an account. You can always contact Gizmo Cast. We know and have met every profile on the Card Index, which is a guaranty for you, when you choose faces for your productions.