Get casted

When you create a profile on our homepage, we will try and find the right jobs for you, as this is in both yours and ours interest. We cannot guaranty jobs, but be sure that we will do our best. You are free to say no, if the job suggested is not in your interest or time. Gizmo Cast is not a model agency.
Create a profile, and be as honest as possible, as this is the first step to GET CASTED.

Step 1

Fullfill the Cv and upload pictures. Remember to choose photos that are honest. This profile is not shown on the homepage yet. But Gizmo Cast will be able to suggest you for jobs.

Step 2

We wil contact you, in good time, before we take pictures for the homepage. You will have the possibility to meet the casters, as we can meet you.

Step 3

Once you have had your pictures taken by Gizmo Cast, we will activate your account on the homepage, for everyone to see your profile. This makes the possibilities for castings bigger, as more people can see your profile. You will also be able to download your photos, and you have the right to use them.

Step 4

Mission completed!